7 Things You Should NEVER Do To Crystals

7 Things You Should NEVER Do to Crystals

7 Things You Should NEVER Do To Crystals

There is a whole lotta literature out there about what you can do with crystals. But I don’t see a lot about what you can’t do to crystals. Or rather, what you shouldn’t ever do to crystals. Please. I’m begging you.

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But meanwhile, here are 7 things you should never do to crystals…

Leave them out in the sun

… if they fade.

Most crystals will fade in direct sunlight, but the brighter coloured ones tend to be the worst. Agate is REALLY notorious for this.

Note: Direct sunlight includes leaving them on a window ledge or table in full view of a window. Especially agate. If those fancy agate coasters you have keep their colour after a few days, that means they’re dyed. Which is fine, it makes them better coasters – but don’t expect natural agate (or similar) crystals to be able to cope!

Add them to water

… if they’re soluble or toxic.

Some crystals are water soluble, which means they will degrade or react with the water, like sugar in a coffee. Some will fizz. Some will crack. Some can even explode. And some are just plain toxic when introduced to water.

Cleanse them with salt

… if they corrode or react with salt.

There is an indirect method of salt cleansing, wherein you put the crystal in a closeable container, and then put that container in a dish full of salt, instead of immersing the actual crystal in salt. That one works for most crystals. I never bury any of mine directly in salt, I find this indirect method coupled with moonlight cleansing good enough.

Bash them

… if they shatter or are delicate.

Some crystals, like malachite, are incredibly soft and will scratch very easily. Others are fragile, and can snap or shatter into sharp pieces. Make sure soft crystals are kept away from other crystals when carried, and ensure that all crystals are hung or wrapped securely when being used.

Use Them In … Certain Places

… if they’re toxic or delicate.

I’m not gonna judge, but I will warn you. Most of the pretty crystals are dangerous if you use them this way – they are either water soluble, will react with oil based lubes, toxic, or rough/delicate and could actually cut you, or shatter whilst in use. There is also the fact that most crystals have small dents, dints or holes where germs and STIs could grow, and infect you or just really unbalance your body’s chemistry.

If you want a sex toy or yoni egg, buy one made of an approved material, from an reputable manufacturer. Yoni eggs used properly have many benefits, but using them properly is a must. Your delicate parts are just that – delicate. Treat them nicely. Check out reviews of online stores extra carefully, or ask for recommendations.                                                          

Make Elixirs

… if they’re toxic or soluble.

Again, don’t put them into water if they’re toxic or soluble. This includes bathing with them, or drinking an elixir. The chances of dying are slim, but when you can do safer things for the same effect, it seems silly to risk it.

Use Them With Children and Pets

… if they’re toxic or small.

Children and pets put all kinds of things in their mouths. It’s frightening how large a thing actually has to be before you can’t choke on it – or how small something can be and still tear up your insides on the way to the toilet.

Make sure that if you’re healing an animal or a child that whatever you are using is out of their reach, and you have collected everything they could choke on when you leave them – if only for a second to answer the phone.

It only takes a second.

If you’re ever unsure about a crystal, you can just look it up on good ol’ Google. Don’t just wing it!




And so concludes my list of things you should never do to crystals. But tell me – have you had any crystal mishaps? Let me know in the comments! I managed to get one stuck in my ear – thankfully it came out without the assistance of A & E!


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  1. Cheryl

    I thought for sure my new puppy wouldn’t eat an ENTIRE SELENITE BOWL!! So very wrong. We came home to just shiny white shards everywhere

    • Couldnt agree with you more on all your recommendations, especially (of course) using crystals as a sex toy? Must be a ” nano generation ” idea, to say the least of what you had mentioned, WHY would someone even think of doing this act of violation upon a crystal? They arent ben-wah balls for petes sakes. KUDOS to you for speakung up for our friendly stones.

  2. NANCY Barbera

    I myelf have never done anything disrespectful to my crystals! I believe they are living entities and treat them with the best intentions like all living creatures.!! My crystals are my friends and bonding with the mind and touch, attending to there needs, help us work well together for the beter of all!!.

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