Workplace Harmony Spell

Workplace Harmony Spell

Workplace Harmony Spell

This is a general workplace harmony spell. If there are a few particular people causing a problem, rather than general disharmony, a sugar jar will be more appropriate.

You can use this workplace harmony spell before things get sour as a precaution or cleansing, or you can do it when things have got all out of tune. This is a spell that may need refreshing every couple of months if the root cause of the issue has not been addressed. and remedied. Of course, sometimes you can’t meddle at work, so refreshing this spell every now and then will make things easier to bear, even if you can’t fix the situation.

You’ll need:

– candles in white, blue and black

– essential oil of Peony or lavender

sugar, or Sticky Sweet Success blend which is sugar, rose petals,  hibiscus flowers and ground juniper berries

Step One

Dress the candles with the oils.

Step Two

Set the candles up as above. The tealight furthest to the front is the blue one. The black one doesn’t have to be a taper, it was just what I had at the time.

Step Three

You sprinkle the sugar/Sticky Sweet Success in a circle around the candles.

Step Four

Light them. Imagine everyone being sickly sweet to each other, polite, civil, peaceful.

Candle Correspondences

Blue, communication

White, cleansing, starting afresh

I always use a black and a white candle when doing ritual like spells like this – white to give extra power to the spell and black to burn away any blocks or obstacles away. It’s a technique that lends itself to just about any candle spell.

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