Wheel of the Year Tarot Spread

Wheel of the Year Tarot Spread

Wheel of the Year Tarot Spread

This Wheel of the Year Tarot spread is a large and detailed spread consisting of 26 cards. However, it’s a lot easier than it looks! It is primarily based around the following card positions:

wheel of the year Tarot spread

You’ll first draw two cards to define the year as a whole. Then, you’ll draw two cards for every month. I lay them out in grids of three month blocks rather than a wheel, but it’s up to you. Experiment and find which way is easiest for you.

I take notes on each month as I go, collecting key words and associations. Then, I can sit and look at the notes and write a detailed map of the year, referring back to the cards when I need to.

Obviously, the further ahead you look, the less detailed and less certain it is. Changing course in January will completely change October!

The point of this spread is to give you a framework of likely events and happenings, so you can prepare for these, and change your plans if needed. If I get a dire warning that I’m not likely to get new clients in October, I’m going to cut my non-essential expenses in January to give myself a cushion to rely on.

If I get a card saying I’ll be inundated with clients, I’ll know I need to be looking at delegating and outsourcing tasks in July or August.

The future is entirely what you make of it!



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One Comment

  1. I’ll be doing two exercises myself as the end of the year approaches and the new year begins. I’ll be doing the Lesser Wheel of the Tarot, and the Greater Wheel.

    In the Lesser Wheel, you find or make a large open space, and you lay all of the Lesser Arcana out in a large circle — the Ace of Swords in the East, the Ace of Wands in the South, the Ace of Cups in the West, and the Ace of Coins in the north … and then the 2-10 forming the arc around to the next card, so the Swords are in the southeast, the Wands are in the southwest, and so on. The court cards are arranged at the four directions just outside the circle.

    Then you start at the Ace of Swords standing, and bow down over each card, studying it as you exhale deeply. And then as you stand up, you draw in a deep inhale, and draw the power of the card into yourself. This is a great way to attune to a new deck, frankly.

    The Greater Wheel involves laying out the cards in the order of the Decans, though; which is probably more than I can explain in a comment… and laying an inner wheel of the Major Arcana inside the outer wheel; though the basic breathing exercise is the same thing.

    Both exercises result in a wonderfully altered mindset; teach the cards in three different orders; and provide a kind of tai chi/qi gong experience of the cards. I learned these two exercises from the writings of John Michael Greer, particularly from his book on learning ceremonial magic, Learning Ritual Magic, and of course extrapolating from Israel Regardie’s big book of the Golden Dawn.

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