Week in Review Tarot Spread

Week Review Tarot Spread

week review tarot spreadWeek Review Tarot spreads are an awesome way to keep track of your goals, whether that’s personal goals  or business ones.

This Tarot spread is designed to help you understand the week that’s just gone by, and how you can improve or expand upon your efforts or wins.

The top line is all about relationships – any significant relationship occurrences or advice will show up here, whether that’s coworkers, partners, family or friends. The world is formed of an interconnecting web of relationships, and it’s important to watch out for issues before problems form.


The bottom line looks at your goals, work, and everyday To Do list. Did you hit your goals, or did something get in your way? How did you handle things?

  1. Relationship Triumph – what went well in your relationships this week. Was it an event or an attitude? Did you ask or give a favour? Have you made a friend, or an enemy?
  2. Relationship Challenge – a relationship where things aren’t going so well. Are you ignoring a friend? Are you irritable and snappy with those you love?
  3. How to Improve – this card gives you an idea of how to move forward and improve the relationships usually detailed in the other cards.
  4. Task List Triumph – Did you hit a goal? Do well at work? Create something awesome in your spare time?
  5. Task List Challenge – Do you struggle to get the housework done? Do you need to learn to delegate? Are you procrastinating?
  6. How to Improve –   this card gives you an idea of how to move forward and improve the relationships usually detailed in the other cards.

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  1. This is great! Thank you for sharing! I am new to the Tarot World – well I started reading again in the last year but haven’t been reading consistently so I’m relearning. I used to read when I was younger daily. I will definitely be trying this spread. Thank you!

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