The Wolf in Me – a New Three Card Tarot Spread

three card tarot spread

The Wolf in Me – A New Three Card Tarot Spread

This is a simple three card Tarot spread that really opens up doors into your own mind.  The most powerful aspect of Tarot is not telling the future, or opening up the motivations of others. It’s how it can teach you to have a better relationship with yourself.

This spread will help you identify the processes within your self-image, the image you project to others; whether consciously or unconsciously, and it will also allow you to discover the whole you.

If you try this spread and like it, please comment below!


  1. Who you think you are

Our own self image incorporates a lot of our personality. We make a lot of our decisions based on who we think we are, or how we’d like others to view us. We can be a lot more calculating than we’d like to admit to ourselves. Subscribing to a self image that is not rooted in reality can cause problems – you can’t beat yourself up for being something that you’re not. Conversely, having an inflated ego or a martyr complex can really ruin your relationships and stop you getting what you want in life.


2. Who others think you are

Other people don’t know you the way you know yourself – and you don’t know yourself the way other people know you. Other people don’t know your feelings or your reasons or your history – they understand you by your actions. Are your actions lining up with the image that you want people to think of you by?

3. Who you really are

This card can symbolize an over-arching archetype that you describes you – or it can describe a specific character trait that you aren’t paying attention to, or don’t think you have.

This card can remind us of the courage we fail to notice, or it can tell us the secrets we hide, or it can sum us up as best it can.

I’d love to see your results in the comments!

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