The Retro-Tarot Book

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The Retro-Tarot Book

Today, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve created a new eBook(let)!

The Retro-Tarot Book contains ten all-new Tarot spreads inspired by the raw beauty of the planets in Retrograde. Whilst you’ll get extra-amazing results using each spread in the corresponding Retrograde, they are also built to be useful during any time of year/decade/century.

Tarot and Astrology Work Together Wonderfully!

Each spread focuses on a specific area ruled by each of the Planets. I’ve designed the spreads around a specific thought, idea or process that either becomes more difficult or more illuminated during a Retrograde.

Tarot and astrology contents

The Spreads


Understand how you can communicate better in each area of your life – from the Internet, to work, to romance, and more!


Evaluate and consider your relationships. This spread is useful not just for romances, but friendships, collegial and familial relationships as well.


Earth can’t go Retrograde – but sometimes life is just so weird it feels like it has. This is the spread to use when you don’t even know where to start unpicking recent events.


Mars Retrograde teaches us a lot about our energy and motivation levels. Specifically, where we’re using them in wrong ways.


Jupiter is all about slow, incremental expansion. How can you slow down and conquer your goals in a more strategic way?


Work and responsibility gets tangled up with some pretty bad feeling about ourselves. This spread will help you pick it all apart, and start to work towards some better feelings.


This spread will give any rebel their cause. Learn what to do with those itchy, anxious feelings about the world going just plain wrong.


This is possibly the most uncomfortable spread in here, but it’s the one I recommend that you start with. Knowing and facing your fears is one of the most liberating things you can do.


Your daydreams hold the key to achieving what you really want. This spread will show you how to find the lock.

Mixing Tarot and Astrology – the Easy Way!

You can print off any or all of the pages, and lay your cards down over the images provided, if that’s a thing that suits you.

It’s completely free, and comes as a PDF download.

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