The Corporate Tarot Review


The Corporate Tarot Review

The Corporate Tarot is a Tarot deck specifically designed for those working in business settings, but I’ve also found it insanely useful for helping self-employed people as well.


The art style is much like those traditional business powerpoints – stock images, clip art and fancy fades. This makes incredibly straightforward and no nonsense, yet also packs a lot of unlockable knowledge into a single card.


What’s also unusual about this deck is that the pictures on the back are different. Each one builds up into a beautiful mural of a cityscape. This means that you can read the backs as well as the fronts! The backs are to be read in a much more intuitive way, whereas the fronts are suitable for use by people who have never seen a Tarot deck before.


The court cards are aligned and labelled with the Myers-Briggs Personality types. This I found useful not only in learning with this deck, but expanded my knowledge of court cards in other decks as well.


Every Tarot deck informs another. Always.

This deck is aimed not at Tarot readers, but at business professional who would like sharp and useful guidance into their careers. For this, I would absolutely recommend it. I would also recommend it to Tarot readers who are interested in working with this sort of client.


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