Reveal an Abuser Binding

Reveal an Abuser spell

Reveal an Abuser Spell

‘No one will forget what you did to me. Your crimes are apparent to everyone who meets you.’

But this spell is not only useful for targeting your own abusers – it can lift the lid on bad behaviour in just about any situation. There’s often a time where we witness a situation that we can’t help in any physical way, for fear of making it worse, or sometimes for fear of our own physical, financial or social safety. This is a spell that you can use in that situation.

Remember always to use mundane methods where appropriate – if you are afraid for somebody’s safety, ring the police, tell a teacher or other figure of authority, if you can.

You will need:

  •  a paper poppet

    a small bit of paper

    a permanent marker

    a stapler and some staples


    1. Write the target’s name on the back of the poppet

    2. Write the ‘crimes’ on the smaller piece of paper.

    3. Staple to their fucking forehead.

    Job done!


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