How to Remove a Curse with a Bell

how to remove a curse with a bell

How to Remove a Curse With a Bell

Bells are awesome and sadly, like most sound making instruments, overlooked in witchcraft. The main function of bells is many traditions is to remove a curse, or negative energies, or for other protection magic. Many traditions use the pealing of a bell to drive away unwanted forces. Why do you think they ring at weddings?

Here is a super simple uncrossing or hex removing spell.

This also removes any nasty energies stuck to you that might not be a hex as such, but are bothering you.  You’ll need two bells and two hands to hold them in.

Start with your hands crossed in front of your waist/crotch area. Let them hang as long as they like, but ensure your wrists are crossed. Raise your hands above your head and around and to your sides. As you do this, your arms should naturally uncross. Repeat the circuit as many times as possible, and and flick your wrists on the downward drop of your hands to make the bells ring.

How Do I Find a Bell?

Charity, second hand and antique shops of FULL of them. They were in fashion as decorations about fifty years ago, so as the older generation dies, they’re finding their way into the charity shops.

The sort of bell doesn’t matter, but any kind of hand bell is preferable. I have a wooden and brass hand bell and a china one which is probably intended for decoration only but it has the little clapper thing inside which makes a noise, so it works. I’ve used those little commemorative or novelty bells before and they’ve worked fine.


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  1. WinyanStazWakien

    I use a bell to signal the start of the Samhain Dumb Feast and to signal the end of the meditative silence time…

    I also use a bell for larger gatherings in order to signal we are lining up to get our candle jars to go outside…

    Bells are good for anytime one needs to signal the Second Attention

  2. Karen Mcaulay

    Hello there ,
    My name is Karen and i,m interested in your help if you can help me i,m a psychic,spiritualist medium, and coach
    But i have a problem of constant negitive energy around me i keep clearing and cleansing but this low blocks of ene5gy keep coming back .
    i have used sevral different forms of cleansing even some witch cleansing nothing is fully working can you help me . its having a deep affect on my root Chakra and my financial situation .
    Thankyou Karen xp.s . i,m looking for advice to see if i can do something different that wont cost me a lot of cash as my financial side is blocked


      Hi Karen! Sounds like you’ve answered your own question! You’re suffering this constant negative energy because your financial side is blocked, and it won’t ever ease until you deal with that. Cleansing is essentially useless if the block is never dealt with. For financial blocks I recommend Denise Duffield-Thomas, whose work used to go by the name Lucky Bitch, but I think her YouTube and stuff may just be Denise Duffield-Thomas now. Give her a search!

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