Month Ahead Spread


This is another nifty little spread to help you plan for what’s ahead. Now, do you remember the Wheel of the Year Tarot spread?

Specifically, this bit:


The Month Ahead spread (and the Three Months Ahead, and Six, and Nine…) are all based around this pairing of cards. You can use this pairing to create all sorts of timeline spreads.

In the Month Ahead spread, you pull four sets of this pairing. Each set represents a full week from the day you do the spread. So, if you do the spread on a Wednesday, the weeks will start on a Wednesday and end on a Tuesday.

Remember in this spread to look for cause and effect. Something you do in Week One can have repercussions in Week Four. This is both more obvious and more important in this shorter timeline, than in the Wheel of the Year spread.

Remember also, that you can have an issue that takes up most of your time or energy during three out of four weeks, but in one week something amazing or upsetting can happen that can totally take your attention off what was happening.

Timeline spreads don’t always follow the same story – so take detailed notes!





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