Uranus Retrograde – Lessons from the Rebel Planet

Uranus Retrograde


Lessons from Uranus Retrograde

Uranus is the planet of intuition and innerness, and when He turns Retrograde, he turns into a Rebel.

Uranus went retrograde late July of this year, and we’ve all seen the struggles for freedom and political upheavals that have occurred since then.

But how can you harness the energies of Uranus in your own life?

Find Your Cause

Nothing will damage your joy and lust for life than having nowhere to put your anger, your fear and your hope for a better world. Finding a volunteer position, however is easiest for you, is well aspected now.

Get Uncomfortable

Uranus will let you know when you aren’t where you should be. He will bring up hidden fears and discomfort, and force you to deal with them. Whether it’s jobs, families or relationships, if you’re not facing up to something or only involved in something because you don’t believe you can get better, Uranus will tell you.

Prepare for Shock

Uranus will throw every toy out of the pram. He exposes weak points, and will pull down authority and routine. Confront your fears and blocks, and you may find them lifted in surprising ways.

Look Inwards for the Truth

Sticking by yourself, and fighting for freedom is a very Uranian thing. Uranus loves free movement, the flow of information, and sometimes open rebellion. Looking inwards to find the reasons why you fight, confronting your fears, and analyzing where you can truly help to world is the main thing to do under Uranus Retrograde.


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