How To Remove a Curse – Bath Edition!

How to Remove a Curse – with a Bath!

how to remove a curse bath edition

Baths (and showers!) are a great way to remove curses, negative energy and the Evil Eye.

Washing yourself with water is one of the easiest ways to cleanse yourself. With some additions, the process can be used to remove not only day to day negative crap, but some quite nasty things as well.

I’m going to share my go to recipes on how to remove a curse with you, below.

But I’ve Only Got a Shower!

You can put fresh or ground herbs in a cloth tea bag, or fresh or whole dried herbs into an organza bag – the ones that jewellery often comes in. Simply tie the bag to the shower nozzle to let the water run through it.

You can also make use of essential oils in the shower – add a few drops directly to the plug hole, and make sure the shower is warm. The oils will start to disperse into the air.

Safety Notes

Be very careful when using herbs and crystals. Make sure you check with a herbalist’s guide to make sure that you are using the right amounts of the right things. If you are pregnant, double and triple check what you can do. I’ve added warnings next to herbs that I know of, but don’t take anything you read on the Internet for gospel. Do your research.

Some crystals can be harmful, or ruined when added to water. I wrote a post about this here, and the free download contains the list of crystals.

Essential oils (and other oils) can make a bathtub or shower floor very slippery. Add very tiny amounts, and be extra careful when getting in and out. Make sure you wash the shower tray or bathtub out very well, as they can linger. Essential oils can also damage the skin if they are used in great amounts. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but normally you only need a few drops in a normal bath.

Basic Cleansing

It’s important to clean and cleanse regularly. Unwanted energy can get built up and clog up your system just the same as regular old dirt.

Essential Oil Mix

1 drop mint

1 drop eucalyptus

1 drop lime

1 drop grapefruit

Bath Mix

3 tablespoons of salt

Handful of mint

Half cup of lunar water

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye can be a lot of things – a simple curse, negative Spirit contact, or even just someone’s negative thoughts about you. They might not have meant to put the Evil Eye on you, but it sometimes happens.

Essential Oil Mix

1 drop mint

1 drop rosemary

1 drop cedarwood

1 drop sandalwood

Bath Mix

Handful of rosemary

Handful of mint

One whole dried chilli (not ground or flakes – you don’t want that around your naked body)

One cup salt

How to Remove a Curse

This is a technique based off an old folklore tidbit. I’ve no idea if it was actually used, but the technique of drawing the curse from you into something else is a common one.

It’s easier to draw a curse from yourself into something else that’s living, or to an effigy of yourself. But if you don’t want to pass the curse on, or haven’t prepared effigies or witch bottles in advance, you can try this out.


Draw a small amount of water, and add two cups of fresh milk to it. The fresher, the better. This is what the curse should jump into. Milk curdling around curses is an age old superstition, and some people thought it was the curse being absorbed into the milk instead of what it was intended to go after.


Before you step into the water, scrub yourself all over with a salt scrub made from salt, rosemary, mint and mugwort. Omit the mugwort if you’re pregnant or having menstrual issues. A cup of salt, a handful each of rosemary and mint, and a teaspoon or so of mugwort.


Get into the bath, and rub off most of the scrub. Visualize the curse leaving you and going into the milk. Quickly get out, drain the bath, and take a shower or quick bath in fresh water.

You can do this without a bath – simply mix a jug of water and milk and pour it over your head to rinse the scrub, then follow the other steps.


Make sure the milk is fully out of your hair – you don’t want the curse lingering around. Or milk, for that matter.

What are your favourite bath spells?



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