House Cleansing

The Best Methods To Spiritually Cleanse Your Hourse

House Cleansing Guide

Cleansing can be a complicated subject, so I’ve compiled an easy to use list of ways and methods to give your house a good cleansing. 

How to Cleanse

Cleansing should always begin with cleaning. Since cleansing is a cleaning of the spirit, it makes little sense to cleanse a physical dirty place. If you have good protections in place, and use a few herbs or incense when you clean, that is often all you need to do for most of the year.


Where you go in and out, so do spirits and energy. Make sure your doorways are clean, well maintained and unobstructed. Obstructions in the thresholds can prevent the free movement of energy, resulting in stagnating energy in the room or household.


Again, where there is a space, there go spirits and energy. Your window should also be clean, well maintained, and unobstructed. Open them regularly to let fresh energy and fresh air in.

You can use a simple window wash to give it not only a really nice streak free shine, but also lends in protective qualities.

Simply make a mix of four parts warm water to one part malt vinegar, and wash the window. Use a dry cloth to immediately dry it and a second drier cloth to buff.


Spirits can often come through mirrors. I often cover my mirrors, or lay them flat when they aren’t in use, just to prevent anything coming through.

I also wipe them over with a mix of water and a few drops of an essential oil like lavender
or rosemary, or a touch of the vinegar window wash.

If this is impractical, you can also use a sigil. If you don’t want it to show, write it on with blessed water or oil. You can create a sigil, or use a pentacle or protective rune.

You can also do this with your windows, too!

Floors and Walls

If your floor and wall surface allows it, you can mix protective herbs and essential oils into your water and wash with it. Check manufacturer’s’ instructions first!

Good herbs/oils to use are lavender, rosemarygrapefruit or bergamot

Smoke and Air

You can burn herbal sticks like sage, lavender or rosemary to cleanse the air. Incense and scented candles work as well.

If you can’t have smoke, because of allergies, you can use something like a fan to stimulate the air. A feather fan is best, but I’ve had great results using a Victorian style fabric one.

In a pinch, you can also turn your broom upside down and use that, and in a real pinch I have used a (clean!) T Shirt to stimulate the air.

If you can’t have smoke because you’re living in rented accommodation or similar reasons, you can use a spray bottle containing water and a few drops of essential oils.


You can literally sweep the bad energy with a broom! You can use the same modern broom you’d use for sweeping, or you can buy a special ritual one. Obviously, one built with protective herbs and woods will be better, but you can get more than decent results with a plastic one.

I use an old Hallowe’en one that I’ve decorated. I’m cheap like that.

Black Salt and Eggs

Black Salt and eggs work in the same way. They are both energetic ‘vacuum cleaners’. They suck up all the negative energy in an area and store it. You can leave each of them for up to a week or if they feel or smell ‘off’ you need to dispose of them immediately.

Both of them are kinda big job cleansers – unless there’s a serious imbalance or a spirit incident somewhere, you shouldn’t need to use these more than three or four times a year.

For that reason, I sell small and larger bottles of Black Salt in my shop. Buying in bulk gets you a better deal, as always. 🙂 


Sound is a wonderful cleanser. Simply by clapping in an area you can dispel negative energies.

Singing is another great way, but if you have a bell or a singing bowl that’s good as well.

Bells are especially good for banishing spirits and curses, you can see more about that in this post here.


Each time you cleanse a space, it’s a good time to cleanse the crystals within in, too. That way you don’t forget!

Crystals that are good for cleansing spaces or dispelling negative energies are black tourmaline, quartz, amethyst and jade.

Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are a cool way to have your space cleansed on autopilot. However, there’s a trick to doing it that most people don’t realise.

Salt sucks in ALL types of energies. This is why Black Salt has a particular mixture and recipe, so that it only sucks and holds negative energies.  Pure salt as in a salt lamp or tealight holder, will suck in everything. This is why they are great for bedrooms; they are naturally so calming and relaxing.

However, in a working room or an altar, that can reduce your concentration, energy or the power of your spells. So, you want to program the salt lamp to hold only negative or unwanted energies, and release them to you at a later date.

You do that with sigils.

Create a sigil in your usual fashion, stating that you wish the lamp to suck in and hold negative energies, transmuting them into positive or useful energies, and then release them to you only when asked.

Draw it on the bottom on the lamp. I drew mine on with lip liner so it didn’t damage or stain the lamp. Charge your sigil, and you’re on your way to a near permanently cleansed space.


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