Gods of the Machine Review

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The Steampunk Tarot Deck Review – Wisdom from the Gods of the Machine

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Often unfairly labelled as ‘the other Steampunk deck’, this is a gorgeous deck with mysticism all of it’s own. Instead of just shoving gears on things, this deck creates an entire world from the ground up, and is full of tiny details. You could stare at a card for hours and barely scratch the surface of what it can show you.

The guidebook really is something else. As well as containing full descriptions of each card and keywords for both uprights and reversals, it contains a spread for each Major Arcana card.

Yes, each Major Arcana card. And they are good spreads! Each one focuses on a particular aspect or two of the Major Arcana card that it represents, so as well as being fantastically useful for ordinary divination, they’re also useful to use to learn each of the Majors. Even if a Steampunk Tarot deck isn’t quite what you’re looking for, I would recommend it for that alone!

The pip cards are illustrated in the same full-colour style of the Majors, and all the cards are white bordered. The guidebook is substantial, and easy to read. It all comes in a large, sturdy box, suitable for storage.

A wonderful deck for Steampunk or Sci-Fi enthusiasts.

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