Free Witch Bottles Course!

witch bottlesWitch bottles are fun, easy ways to create a variety of effects. As a spell base, they can be effective for:

  • money
  • love
  • friendship
  • animal work
  • protection
  • and much more!

In this free module, you’ll work with professional witch and educator, Siobhan Johnson.

(That’s me!)

I realised that I had something I could teach when I was approached by a university student who wanted to use me as an expert source. I was extremely flattered, but also curious – was this overlooked and underused skill finally seeing a resurgence?

Since you’re here, I guess so!

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to create a witch bottle
  • What they’re for
  • Where they came from
  • and bonus recipes

This is a free module that’s part of an upcoming course, Magical Methods. Magical Methods is special because it focuses on teaching you not just the how of witchcraft, but the why.

This module on witch bottles is no exception. I’ve designed this course/module so you can look at it once, and go on to make witch bottles that suit your purpose with what you can easily obtain. I’ve included a lot of recipes that you can modify, but you should be able to make your own within minutes.

Take the course for FREE, here.