Forward Planning (Or, Why Do We Have Three Packets of Prawn Batter and No Prawns?)

The other day, we were having a discussion in the comments of Nimue’s latest post, Life Without a Fridge.


The discussion revolved around .. er, life without a fridge. Essentially, fridgeless living is very easy to do, it just takes a little forward planning and a lot less of buying things because they were on offer, etc.


So, fast forward to this lunchtime (as of writing). Scene includes me stomping out to the nearest chippy for lunch because despite a well-stocked fridge, freezer and pantry, we hadn’t enough actual food in to cook a decent two person lunch.


Technically, we could have had just fish fingers, but fish finger sandwiches were what we settled on, after a discussion of about forty different meals we couldn’t make. After finding out there wasn’t enough bread, I’d just had enough, sarcastically suggested the chippy. As is usual with me and sarcasm, I was taken seriously, so off I went.


I’ve often taken the mickey out of those I live with and their obsession with stocking up. They get quite annoyed with me when I spot what they’re unloading, and ask if they’ve had any information regarding the next Cold War. They always say this is necessary, and that we need all of this food.


I have always taken comfort in the fact that should there be a zombie apocalypse we’d have enough food to hide for a few weeks and let it all die down, but after today I’m not so sure.


We were nearly desperate enough to try mixing in pre-flavoured teriyaki noodles with a small bowl of chicken tikka soup, okay.


I have no idea how we have so much food, and yet can eat none of it. Or does three packets of tempura batter and a stale tortilla count as a balanced meal?


So I guess the point of this post is that any kind of adjustment, whether it’s healthy living or eco-friendliness – fridgeless living encompassing both – requires a little bit of forethought.


I suppose that’s what stops us making defined and achievable changes in our lives. It’s never as easy as the Pin suggests, so we fall at the first hurdle.


I’m making some food changes in my life this next month, hopefully to continue on with them for the rest of my life. I nearly just started today, but realised that a meal planner would go a long way to stop the ‘We ran out of fruit so I’m totally justified in eating this whole packet of biscuits’ malarkey.
Any change worth doing needs an action plan to start, and then eventually it will just fall into habit. But making the habit is the hard part.



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  1. I think one of the key things is knowing what you’ve got – however much or little of it there is – so you’re buying stuff you need to fill the gaps, and using what won’t keep. we’re so cultured against paying proper attention to things like this, it is a bit of an upheaval to change, but so worth it. (I still eat weirdly mind, there’s peanut butter and gerkin sarnies in my future…)

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