Five Tips for Venus Retrograde

Venus RetrogradeHow to Make the Best of Venus Retrograde

Venus is one of the inner Planets, so She goes Retrograde quite often. She’s the ruler of relationships, but She also keeps a keen eye on your wallet. Here’s five tips to make the best of Venus Retrograde:


Don’t start any new relationships. Instead, focus on the ones you already have.

People will show you who they truly are during Venus Retrograde, so when they do, believe them! Don’t gloss over people’s worst points during this evaluation either. You don’t (and probably shouldn’t, unless it’s something truly grievous) need to bring your thoughts to the other person, or even end the relationship if you don’t want to.

The point is to truly assess what’s happening in the relationship, and set or reset boundaries if you need to. This goes for all kinds of relationships – friends, lovers, family, co-workers… If aren’t getting what you need from someone, consider pulling back, setting a boundary, or readjusting the way you think about a person. Sometimes your ‘best friend’ is better off as a small doses friend – and that doesn’t mean you did anything wrong!

Relationships change, and trying to keep something the way it was five, ten, two years ago only festers bad feelings.

Don’t make large purchases or impulse buys.

Instead, cull what you already own and sell it on eBay! People will be making impulsive moves in the realm of fashion and beauty during Venus Retrograde, so it’s a great time to make a few spare pennies by selling what you don’t want.

Whilst it’s a good time to reassess how you feel about your appearance, your fashion sense, your interior decorating, your garden etc, don’t fall into the trap of buying without trying. Let the idea of your new purchase sit for a few weeks, and then you’ll know if you’re truly interested in the actual thing, or just bored and want a change.


Move through creative blocks

Venus Retrograde will be throwing more blocks to your creativity, but that’s a good thing! During Venus Retrograde, you will be able to assess WHY you’re blocked – and finally do something about it. Searching for inspiration is also a great task during Venus Retrograde – your mind will constantly be distracted by pretty things, and firing on all cylinders.

Creating a vision board, ideas scrapbook or Pinterest Board is a great way to capture all of these thoughts and ideas whilst their plentiful, to ensure that you can use them later on. Actually finishing project may be more difficult during this time, and it’s not a good time to start something large. As with your fashion ideas, your mind will be prone to impulsive creative decisions that might not actually work down the line.

Like, uh, paring puke yellow with bright blue. Good job, me.

Show gratitude to who and what has helped you

In your haste to get rid of what is hindering you, don’t forget to be grateful and appreciative of what or who has helped you. It needn’t be a big move – a simple thank you note can mean the world to someone. Try also keeping a gratitude journal, or simply meditating on some of the things you are thankful for – from the sunset, to a pet, a friend or simply a piece of art that you like.

Be charitable

Venus Retrograde shows us what we don’t need, what we do need, and what we already have. Venus Retrograde is also a great time to give to charity, fund-raise, or volunteer. There are many programmes available for you to choose something close to your heart.


You can volunteer in a charity shop, or for a youth, disability or elderly program in your community. Or how about volunteering a few afternoons in a kennel? Or sharing and signing some important petitions? Or delivering leaflets in your local area? Or becoming a member of a community group?


If you’d rather give your money than time, you can make a regular or a one off donation to most major charities via PayPal or your credit card. Or some charities offer packages where you can buy a poor community a donkey or something.


Or, if money and time is tight, you can simply lend some money! I lend money to small businesses in impoverished, war-torn or otherwise afflicted communities. I don’t make any money from it, but what it means is that my £15 keeps going around and around, helping more and more businesses, people and communities – without me paying out £15 each month.  I do this through (not sponsored), but there are others that do this.


However you choose to help, know that it is always appreciated.

Venus Retrograde

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