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Not only do you get £10 if you buy before then, but you also get a sweet bonus. You’ll get access to a private student’s only Facebook group, and I’ll be doing livestreams in that group every week for the month of June. That’s a £45 value – more than the actual course!


I’ve done that deliberately – I want you to get the best value that you can out of the materials. Live lessons are a great way to do that, but they aren’t sustainable over a long period of time – for you or for me. They will be recorded to watch at your leisure, but you’ll get the most out of them by turning up live – you’ll be able to ask questions in real time! Just like if I was sat in your very front room. Except you don’t have to feed me gin and biscuits, so it actually works out better for you.


Here is some more information about what you get in the Magical Methods course. Basically, the point of the course is to teach you how magic/witchcraft WORKS. Not long lists of trees or herbs to remember. Not prancing around with a lighter trying to remember which way is East. Simple, practical and powerful knowledge that will supercharge your practice.


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How to Seal a Witch Bottle

The YouTube video above is taken directly from my free course, Everything You Need to Know About Witch Bottles. You can sign up for that here.

Everything You Need to Know About Witch Bottles is free (forever!) but it’s actually the first module of my larger course, Magical Methods.

Magical Methods is a low cost course with high value impact. Go beyond simple recipes and understand how different spells actually work! Once you know how existing spells are put together, you can create your own with ease.

how to seal a witch bottle with wax

Beware of the Stories

Disclaimer: Late night writing during a deep ritual. This is a Truth I’ve been given, not a manual or how to guide. This will not be comfortable.



If you only learn one thing from me, let it be this:

Do not lose yourself to stories.

Stories, and characters are archetypes. They are tools to help us learn. Different fictional characters are like spectacles that we can use to see the world differently.

Those characters should never become our eyes.


When we’re young, we put up posters of those characters who we aspire to learn from. Characters from books or movies, or celebrities, who are just as fictional as those from storybooks.

These posters help us learn and grow. They give us patterns to look for, and rules to shape the world in our heads. They give us a framework to work with, a moral code, a piece of the puzzle that is life, a piece that we can gain without having to experience it ourselves.

Stories are powerful. They are not always good.

As we grow to become adults, our final step, the one that takes us into the realm of adulthood and firmly closes the door behind us, is to take down those posters. We always carry with us the story spectacles, but they are merely a glimpse behind the curtain – a way to push us past an obstacle.

They should never become our eyes. The stories that the characters come from do not belong to us. We can use them, adapt them, rewrite them, but they do not belong to us. Look at the howls of disappointment when an author revisits their work and adds on events that we did not expect. Or turns good characters evil, or evil characters good.

We may see ourselves in certain characters, but that does not mean that their story is ours. Their story does not belong to us. And when we shoehorn ourselves into that story, we cause ourselves all kinds of problems.

We need stories, but we must not become them.

And the problem is not limited to fiction – stories live in a friend’s Facebook page, an influencer’s Instagram, your beliefs and prejudices about another group of people – or yourself.

You are a part of someone else’s story, but their story is not yours. When you watch a story, take care not to become part of it.

You might find it is very difficult to escape – especially when you’ve forgotten which story you’ve got yourself trapped in.

What is Witchcraft?

 what is witchcraftWhat is magic?

Magic is simply changing the world by manipulation of energy. The world as you know it is merely a hallucination caused by your senses trying to make sense of it.

Magic is using the rules of the actual Universe to influence it. It can feel a lot like breaking them. You are bending your own mind past what you believe to be true – sensing what is actually there, and trying to make sense of it and use it.

So, what can you actually do with it? Just about anything you like. If you aren’t getting the results that you want, you need to look at what you are doing to get them, and change it. Anything is possible – you just have to know the passwords.

What is witchcraft?

This question can be probably be answered much better in a whole book, although I’ll give it a go.

Witchcraft can be many things. It can be part or whole of a religion like Wicca. It can be a standardized version of what  our ancestors left us, like British Traditional Witchcraft. It can be the magic of the common people, the forgotten people, whatever form that might take. It can be whatever knowledge you crib together in the dark with a pebble and a rosemary plant.

This is my definition:

Most forms of witchcraft tend to involve other objects beyond the magic creator. Some will argue and say that someone who purely uses themselves and pure energy to work can call themselves a witch. That’s up to them. But what I describe below are some methods that have been open to ‘witches’ in a variety of cultures across Europe and the US. These methods have been chosen because I know them and can teach them, not because it’s an exhaustive list.


A wise man once said that in a room of 12 witches there are 13 opinions. Another wise person once said that the name for a group of witches is an opinion. Bear this in mind when you study.

Forms of Witchcraft


The follow list concerns itself with just creating the future, rather than foretelling it, even though many divinatory traditions are associated with or part of witchcraft ones. You’ll notice, however, that I’ve included things like Tarot and runes as things you can use for spells – because you can!

Dolls and Poppets

Poppets are the English terms for what movie call a ‘voodoo doll’. Voodoo doll is a misnomer, and does nothing for either poppet or Haitian magic.

Poppets can be used for a couple of things – mainly either cursing or healing. This doesn’t always have to be physical curses/cures – poppets can also be used to influence thought patterns.

Dolls can also be used to provide homes for Spirits, or used to create guardians. You can also use a doll as a scapegoat to prevent a curse from latching onto you.



Shrine making is less a way to create a defined outcome, and more a way of pleasing Spirits who you may later want to call upon. It’s kinda like taking your new neighbours a pie, in case you ever need them to watch the house whilst you’re away. The pie is an overture to a friendly relationship, not direct payment for the house sitting. However, if you just blundered into their garden one day and offered them £100 to watch the house, they’d probably tell you to get lost.


Get your local Spirits pies.


Shrinemaking can also be used to help bless and protect your home and land. By connecting with the other Spirits that are there, you solidify the relationship, and can work together against intruders.

Bottles and Jars

Witch bottles (or spell jars)  are fun, easy ways to create a variety of effects. As a spell base, they can be effective for:

  • money
  • love
  • friendship
  • animal work
  • protection

Some people define a witch bottle as strictly the traditional version which is used as a scapegoat, and call other spells involving bottles and jars ‘spell jars’. Some people use the term witch bottle to encompass all magics involving jars.

You can learn about all types of bottle magic in this free course.


Candle magic is a much more modern form of magic than you’d think – especially if we’re talking coloured candles. Candles were very precious objects in the past! However, it was not an unusual item to have, like a hunk of crystal or fairy doll, which is why they became an item to use for undetected witchcraft – like brooms, and cauldrons.

As candles have got cheaper and cheaper and less needed to be used for lighting, much more forms and types of magic have sprung up around them. With the addition of coloured waxes or painted candles, the sorts of magic you can do with candles has grown exponentially.


Candles are a subset of fire magic and therefore are fantastic for banishing, but they are often the beginners tool of choice. It’s easy to understand why – easy to get hold of, easy to use, and there’s as much fancy ritual needed as you feel inclined to give it.


When you want to expand your knowledge, you can still stick with candles – but investigate the use of oils, herbs and crystals in conjunction with candles.

Crystals and Rocks

Crystals and rocks are often used as ‘ingredients’ in other spells. They are very easy to add to bottles, pouches, dolls and more. However, you can also use crystals in spell work solely on their own by adding them to your pillow, till, money box, plant pot, etc.

Their use goes much further than this, but that enters the realm of energy healing which is a part of many traditions and is a very dedicated and intensive practice all by itself, and too much to explain here.


You can utilize the powers of air in a lot of ways. It’s usually good for cleansing spells – think sweeping with a ritual broom, burning incense (smoke=air, not fire), ringing bells or playing bowls, singing, using flags and wheels. Air methods tend to return quick results.


Earth brings slow results, but they tend to be larger. Earth practices include enchanting seeds that will bring you money as they grow, burying offerings in the Earth, making vessels and spells out of clay, or writing spells in the mud.


Fire can bring things into your life, but is much better used to get rid of them – for beginners, anyway. If there is anything in your life that you wish to get rid of, you can write or draw a representation of it and cast it into the fire to remove it.


Water can take the longest time to bring you what you need. However, think of water pounding against a rock. Drips of water became rivers, became waterfalls. Water can often bring you the biggest results, but it may take a long time.

Water spells can include potions (see below), but can also include ritual baths, leaving offers in water, or giving up bad energy or habits to the ocean.


Bones are a contentious subject in witchcraft. Some people will never use them, some people’s practice is not complete without them.

Some uses for bones are:


  • Telling the future (casting bones or lots)
  • Housing the Spirit of the animal so you can work with them
  • Form parts of wands or ritual jewellery or headresses
  • Ingredients in pouches


Tarot, Runes and Ogham

You can use all of these fortune telling tools in spells, too! You can choose one of them that has a characteristic or represents an outcome that you’d like. So if you wanted a new job, you might choose the Ace of Pentacles. Then you could do any one of the following with it:

  • Use it to focus a candle spell
  • Add it to a pouch or bag spell
  • Add it to a jar spell
  • Use it in lieu of a sigil
  • Make a vision board around it
  • Even burn it! (You can get single Tarot cards for this purpose on eBay.)


Potions and Elixirs

Potion Magic used to be a lot more popular. Whilst elixirs, tisanes and tea blends are still popular for use on yourself, the masses of recipes of potions, philtres and similar recipes have all but died out. That’s because a lot of potion magic is only to be used in desperate circumstances, like love potions and curses. The reason so many old fashioned love potions are beyond creepy and controlling is that woman’s husband was her meal ticket. If he left her, not only would she be blamed, but she would be out of a house, food and her own family probably wouldn’t take her in. She had shamed them all. (Often through no actual fault of her own.)

So dousing  a lover or husband’s food with love potion made a lot more sense then, than it does now.

Thankfully, most of us don’t live in those circumstances any more, so a lot of philtre or potion use has died out. However, there are still some amazing things you can make to ingest yourself:

  • Tea blends
  • Tisanes (herbals teas)
  • Bath spells
  • Lunar or solar water
  • Herbal Oils

Spoken Magic

Spoken Magic can be long and complicated, or very short. It doesn’t have to rhyme (but it can) it doesn’t have to flow like poetry (but it can). You can use spoken incantation to help direct energy when you’re using other methods, but you can also use it on it’s own.

Some examples of spoken magic:

  • Affirmations
  • Words of power
  • Singing
  • Ritual Offerings
  • Wishes

You can even banish Spirit’s solely through your voice. Shouting ‘Leave!’ with the correct intention can be very powerful.

Written Magic


Written magic has existed since we could write. Many cultures view writing AS magic. Think about it – 26 (or thereabouts, depends on your alphabet) tiny squiggles can become anything when placed in the right order. Dumbledore was right about the power of words.

Written magic can include:

  • Petitions to Spirits
  • Magic squares
  • Words of power or protection
  • Wishes
  • Tattoos
  • Rune work

Bag and Pouch Magic

There is all kinds of bag magic – from mojo bags, to more modern spell envelopes. The main idea behind bag or pouch magic is that keeping a carefully curated selection of objects together for a certain time period will produce the effects that you want. A lot of bag magic produces indefinite spells  provided they are charged. Such bags usually grant the wearer protection, prosperity, luck or good health. However, there are bag magics wear a specific time limited spell is wanted – invisibility spells, hex breakers and the like.

Enchantments and Glamours

Enchantment covers a variety of spell types, but theme of the spells are pretty much the same. Enchantment covers a lot of the old folklore kind of witchcraft – hidden worlds, changing age, changing into different animals and so on.

Enchanting something fools the viewer into believing something is there when it is not, or isn’t there when it is, or is something completely different.

Think of the Harry Potter scene where Hermione explains that the ceiling of the Great Hall isn’t a real sky, it’s just enchanted to look that way.

Real enchantment can be done for fun, but they can also be useful pieces of magic. You can enchant jewelry, clothes or makeup to bestow certain personality traits upon you. You can enchant your witchy items to look normal if you’re fearful of discovery. The possibilities are just about endless.


Congratulations, you made it! I know this was a long article, and I’m super pleased if you read it all. Just to remind you that any underlined text contains a hyperlink that will lead you to some more information about all the forms of witchcraft mentioned.

But before you go! I’d just like to have a quick word about my premier course, Magical Methods.

Magical Methods covers 80% of the topics above in great detail, and it includes video lectures, video tutorials, worksheets and downloads. I designed it to take you from ??? to !!! in a matter of weeks, instead of months or years.

This course condenses nearly eight years of study into an enjoyable and relatable format. It’s just £29 until the 1st of June, and it also comes with a free bonus. You can check it out here, or try the first module for free here.

5 Essential Oils to Target Anxiety and Stress

5 Essential Oils5 Essential Oils to Target Anxiety & Stress


Juggling a 9 to 5 work schedule and a healthy social and home life can be quite a task, and it can all get pretty stressful at times. While you can always sip on a cup of chamomile tea or take a warm bath to calm down your frazzled nerves, why not take it up a notch with some essential oil power?

Keep reading to discover the top 5 essential oils that work wonderfully when it comes to targeting stress and anxiety and find out quick ways to use them too!


Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is one of the best essential oils for sinus congestion, but not many people know it also works wonders when it comes to tackling anxiety and stress. This oil also tends to improve the flow of blood to the brain, which improves overall brain health.


Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the best choices when it comes to any mental health concern thanks to its amazing calming and soothing properties. It has been found to exhibit nervous system restorative action, which in turn, brings about peace, better sleep and calms down nervous tension.


Vetiver Oil

Vetiver oil has been used in trauma patients since it has a sort of reassuring and grounding energy. When used in the right amount, it acts as a nervous system tonic, which can decrease jitteriness and hypersensitivity.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile extracts have been found to work exceptionally well when it comes to reducing irritability, worry and stress, and helps benefit inner harmony! In fact, some studies have found that this essential oil has the potential to act as a moderately powerful natural antidepressant too!


Rose Oil

Rose essential oil, when used alone or in an essential oil blend, has the ability to reduce anxiety and stress quite well. In fact, in some cases, it has also been used as a natural remedy for severe panic attacks and shocks.


Using Essential Oils the Right Way!

Though essential oils do work wonders in reducing stress and improving mental health, it is also important to use them the right way to reap their maximum benefits. Here are some quick and actionable tips to use them.

  • Use a couple of drops of any of these essential oils to your bath water to get natural relief from stress.
  • Rubbing a few drops of the essential oil to your pillow can also help.
  • If you have an essential oil diffuser, you can use it as well.


This is a guest blog by Enozia Vakil. Please let us know in the comments if you liked it!

Enozia Vakil
Enozia Vakil is a writer, editor and social media marketing enthusiast with a special focus on healthy living & eating. She enjoys reading, traveling & working.

Free Witch Bottles Course!

witch bottles

Need a method of creating easy, effective spellwork that brings genuine results?

Want to utilise a half-forgotten traditional practise that resonates so well with the modern world?

Seen the pictures of the pretty jars all over Tumblr and Instagram and just wanna make one for yourself?

With witch bottles (or spell jars) you can create just about every outcome you want. They’re suitable for the following types of spells:

– love

– friendship

– money

– career

– the literal best protection spell you’ll ever find

All with an ingredient list of precisely two items: an empty jar, and the crap you’ve already got around your house.

This module contains everything you’ll ever need to know about witch bottles and spell jars, from traditional roots to modern practices. It includes:

– video lectures

– video tutorials

– download recipes

and much more!

This is the first module of my paid course Magical Methods. I’m so confident about Magical Methods and what it can offer you, that I’m giving you the module on Witch Bottles completely free. Try it today!

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Five Tips for Venus Retrograde

Venus RetrogradeHow to Make the Best of Venus Retrograde

Venus is one of the inner Planets, so She goes Retrograde quite often. She’s the ruler of relationships, but She also keeps a keen eye on your wallet. Here’s five tips to make the best of Venus Retrograde:


Don’t start any new relationships. Instead, focus on the ones you already have.

People will show you who they truly are during Venus Retrograde, so when they do, believe them! Don’t gloss over people’s worst points during this evaluation either. You don’t (and probably shouldn’t, unless it’s something truly grievous) need to bring your thoughts to the other person, or even end the relationship if you don’t want to.

The point is to truly assess what’s happening in the relationship, and set or reset boundaries if you need to. This goes for all kinds of relationships – friends, lovers, family, co-workers… If aren’t getting what you need from someone, consider pulling back, setting a boundary, or readjusting the way you think about a person. Sometimes your ‘best friend’ is better off as a small doses friend – and that doesn’t mean you did anything wrong!

Relationships change, and trying to keep something the way it was five, ten, two years ago only festers bad feelings.

Don’t make large purchases or impulse buys.

Instead, cull what you already own and sell it on eBay! People will be making impulsive moves in the realm of fashion and beauty during Venus Retrograde, so it’s a great time to make a few spare pennies by selling what you don’t want.

Whilst it’s a good time to reassess how you feel about your appearance, your fashion sense, your interior decorating, your garden etc, don’t fall into the trap of buying without trying. Let the idea of your new purchase sit for a few weeks, and then you’ll know if you’re truly interested in the actual thing, or just bored and want a change.


Move through creative blocks

Venus Retrograde will be throwing more blocks to your creativity, but that’s a good thing! During Venus Retrograde, you will be able to assess WHY you’re blocked – and finally do something about it. Searching for inspiration is also a great task during Venus Retrograde – your mind will constantly be distracted by pretty things, and firing on all cylinders.

Creating a vision board, ideas scrapbook or Pinterest Board is a great way to capture all of these thoughts and ideas whilst their plentiful, to ensure that you can use them later on. Actually finishing project may be more difficult during this time, and it’s not a good time to start something large. As with your fashion ideas, your mind will be prone to impulsive creative decisions that might not actually work down the line.

Like, uh, paring puke yellow with bright blue. Good job, me.

Show gratitude to who and what has helped you

In your haste to get rid of what is hindering you, don’t forget to be grateful and appreciative of what or who has helped you. It needn’t be a big move – a simple thank you note can mean the world to someone. Try also keeping a gratitude journal, or simply meditating on some of the things you are thankful for – from the sunset, to a pet, a friend or simply a piece of art that you like.

Be charitable

Venus Retrograde shows us what we don’t need, what we do need, and what we already have. Venus Retrograde is also a great time to give to charity, fund-raise, or volunteer. There are many programmes available for you to choose something close to your heart.


You can volunteer in a charity shop, or for a youth, disability or elderly program in your community. Or how about volunteering a few afternoons in a kennel? Or sharing and signing some important petitions? Or delivering leaflets in your local area? Or becoming a member of a community group?


If you’d rather give your money than time, you can make a regular or a one off donation to most major charities via PayPal or your credit card. Or some charities offer packages where you can buy a poor community a donkey or something.


Or, if money and time is tight, you can simply lend some money! I lend money to small businesses in impoverished, war-torn or otherwise afflicted communities. I don’t make any money from it, but what it means is that my £15 keeps going around and around, helping more and more businesses, people and communities – without me paying out £15 each month.  I do this through (not sponsored), but there are others that do this.


However you choose to help, know that it is always appreciated.

Venus Retrograde

Did you know that I created a Venus Retrograde Tarot spread? It’s part of the Retro-Tarot book, and you can get it for FREE here.


If you like astrology, you’ll love the Moon Magic course over at Heart of the Forest. It’s $7, but there are also quite a few free courses or downloads on their site!


Want to learn about the other planets in Retrograde? Check out these blog posts:

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The Wolf in Me – a New Three Card Tarot Spread

three card tarot spread

The Wolf in Me – A New Three Card Tarot Spread

This is a simple three card Tarot spread that really opens up doors into your own mind.  The most powerful aspect of Tarot is not telling the future, or opening up the motivations of others. It’s how it can teach you to have a better relationship with yourself.

This spread will help you identify the processes within your self-image, the image you project to others; whether consciously or unconsciously, and it will also allow you to discover the whole you.

If you try this spread and like it, please comment below!


  1. Who you think you are

Our own self image incorporates a lot of our personality. We make a lot of our decisions based on who we think we are, or how we’d like others to view us. We can be a lot more calculating than we’d like to admit to ourselves. Subscribing to a self image that is not rooted in reality can cause problems – you can’t beat yourself up for being something that you’re not. Conversely, having an inflated ego or a martyr complex can really ruin your relationships and stop you getting what you want in life.


2. Who others think you are

Other people don’t know you the way you know yourself – and you don’t know yourself the way other people know you. Other people don’t know your feelings or your reasons or your history – they understand you by your actions. Are your actions lining up with the image that you want people to think of you by?

3. Who you really are

This card can symbolize an over-arching archetype that you describes you – or it can describe a specific character trait that you aren’t paying attention to, or don’t think you have.

This card can remind us of the courage we fail to notice, or it can tell us the secrets we hide, or it can sum us up as best it can.

I’d love to see your results in the comments!

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three card tarot spread

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5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Witchiness

Five Tips to Improve Your Witchiness¬Plan Ahead


Planning ahead can incorporate a few different methods or ideas.


If there is are rare or unusual astrological or astronomical phenomena happening soon, it’s a good idea to make use of it, even if you don’t require it for a spell right now. For example, even if you don’t need lunar influences in your magic around the time of a supermoon, it would be a great idea to make a small amount of lunar water and store it for when you do.


Similarly, it’s a good idea to know what you can make ahead. May Day and summer solstice are great times for love magic, but what if you’re happy where you are then? Instead of performing a spell, you can charge a love potion or oil that has a long shelf life to use later.


You can charge stones or jewelry in the times when a certain planet is strong, ready for use during a retrograde, or just a time where you might need the extra power. You can’t always move in time with the universe to get the best out of your spells, so it’s a good idea to charge or make things ahead of time.


Know what you have


This is not only knowing what you have in your store cupboard, but also your kitchen cupboard, your garden, what’s growing wild in your area, what your friends and family have that you could borrow, or what you can pick up easily in a local store.


For every spell that needs an exotic ingredient, there is another that will use things from your local area, or things that are easier to get than you might think. As well as noting down your inventory, it’s a good idea to note down some possible correspondence lists. Even though correspondence lists aren’t the be all and end all of magic, they are useful to have if you need to make substitutions, or if you have a glut of ingredients that you don’t quite know what to do with.


You can get decent correspondence lists in the backs of some good witchcraft books, or you can actually buy some online in my shop to download at will. They will save you some serious money by encouraging you to use what you have that is readily available to you. Once you’ve got an idea of which herbs, spices or crystals can be used for what, you can build up your own lists.


Optimize ingredients


Optimizing your ingredients will not only save you time and money, but will also make your spells better. Here are a few tips:


  • If you’re making oils, don’t use the whole dried plant. It make look cooler to have a jar full of whole dried chilli peppers, but if you cut them up you fit more in, and your oil is more potent.


  • Dry out herbs you’ve used in drinks. On their own they’ll be weaker, but it’s a cheaper way to keep your stocks refreshed. Some coffee shops will give you whole cinnamon sticks if you buy hot spiced apple drinks and such. They’re worth keeping!


  • Keep your crystals,waters and other implements charged ahead of time. If you get into the habit of putting things out into the Full Moon (or whenever) it keeps your things at tip-top condition, so you can just pick up and go whenever you like.


  • Unless you are planning to burn, drink or make a specific craft work, the essential oil of a plant is more than likely all you need. Unless you know you are going to need them, you don’t need to buy fresh, dried and oil of everything in your store cupboard. Obviously, follow any safety instructions as essential oils can be dangerous.


  • Learn to re-use or recycle items. Making recycled candles is easier than you think, and so is sewing your own Tarot bags, tea bags and other items.


Study ahead

You don’t have to wait until you need to know something to use your Tarot cards (or other divination equipment). If you want to practice, you can join Facebook groups which will let you practice on members, or you can just ask for volunteers on your social media. Believe me, you’ll get loads!

As well as divination, you can also do the same with spellcraft. Practice making incense, directing and raising energy, and using crystals. If you really need something ‘productive’ to do and just can’t think of anything you need, there is no such thing as too much cleansing. You can also ask for volunteers to practise healing and spellwork on! Just make sure you know the theory behind what you’re doing, and you aren’t recommending people to do something unsafe.

Watch out for misinformation


We’ve come a long way in our understand and application history. Not just our own, but that of other cultures. Some authors have written from the perspective of what we thought to be correct decades ago, but that might not be the case today. Some authors wrote their own personal opinions as fact, and some stole outright from other cultures. Some authors have nasty ulterior motives hidden in the information they disseminate.


Do a little research around the books you are learning from. Some should not be listened to at all, some can be taken with a pinch of salt, and some are mostly great. Listen to what other practitioners have to say about books, websites and authors, and why they recommend them.


Always look up safety information before you do anything, especially if you are already ill or pregnant. Double check information, and don’t be afraid to try something out or experiment if you aren’t sure.

What tips do you have?


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Forward Planning (Or, Why Do We Have Three Packets of Prawn Batter and No Prawns?)

The other day, we were having a discussion in the comments of Nimue’s latest post, Life Without a Fridge.


The discussion revolved around .. er, life without a fridge. Essentially, fridgeless living is very easy to do, it just takes a little forward planning and a lot less of buying things because they were on offer, etc.


So, fast forward to this lunchtime (as of writing). Scene includes me stomping out to the nearest chippy for lunch because despite a well-stocked fridge, freezer and pantry, we hadn’t enough actual food in to cook a decent two person lunch.


Technically, we could have had just fish fingers, but fish finger sandwiches were what we settled on, after a discussion of about forty different meals we couldn’t make. After finding out there wasn’t enough bread, I’d just had enough, sarcastically suggested the chippy. As is usual with me and sarcasm, I was taken seriously, so off I went.


I’ve often taken the mickey out of those I live with and their obsession with stocking up. They get quite annoyed with me when I spot what they’re unloading, and ask if they’ve had any information regarding the next Cold War. They always say this is necessary, and that we need all of this food.


I have always taken comfort in the fact that should there be a zombie apocalypse we’d have enough food to hide for a few weeks and let it all die down, but after today I’m not so sure.


We were nearly desperate enough to try mixing in pre-flavoured teriyaki noodles with a small bowl of chicken tikka soup, okay.


I have no idea how we have so much food, and yet can eat none of it. Or does three packets of tempura batter and a stale tortilla count as a balanced meal?


So I guess the point of this post is that any kind of adjustment, whether it’s healthy living or eco-friendliness – fridgeless living encompassing both – requires a little bit of forethought.


I suppose that’s what stops us making defined and achievable changes in our lives. It’s never as easy as the Pin suggests, so we fall at the first hurdle.


I’m making some food changes in my life this next month, hopefully to continue on with them for the rest of my life. I nearly just started today, but realised that a meal planner would go a long way to stop the ‘We ran out of fruit so I’m totally justified in eating this whole packet of biscuits’ malarkey.
Any change worth doing needs an action plan to start, and then eventually it will just fall into habit. But making the habit is the hard part.



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