How To Remove a Curse – Bath Edition!

How to Remove a Curse – with a Bath!

how to remove a curse bath edition

Baths (and showers!) are a great way to remove curses, negative energy and the Evil Eye.

Washing yourself with water is one of the easiest ways to cleanse yourself. With some additions, the process can be used to remove not only day to day negative crap, but some quite nasty things as well.

I’m going to share my go to recipes on how to remove a curse with you, below.

But I’ve Only Got a Shower!

You can put fresh or ground herbs in a cloth tea bag, or fresh or whole dried herbs into an organza bag – the ones that jewellery often comes in. Simply tie the bag to the shower nozzle to let the water run through it.

You can also make use of essential oils in the shower – add a few drops directly to the plug hole, and make sure the shower is warm. The oils will start to disperse into the air.

Safety Notes

Be very careful when using herbs and crystals. Make sure you check with a herbalist’s guide to make sure that you are using the right amounts of the right things. If you are pregnant, double and triple check what you can do. I’ve added warnings next to herbs that I know of, but don’t take anything you read on the Internet for gospel. Do your research.

Some crystals can be harmful, or ruined when added to water. I wrote a post about this here, and the free download contains the list of crystals.

Essential oils (and other oils) can make a bathtub or shower floor very slippery. Add very tiny amounts, and be extra careful when getting in and out. Make sure you wash the shower tray or bathtub out very well, as they can linger. Essential oils can also damage the skin if they are used in great amounts. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but normally you only need a few drops in a normal bath.

Basic Cleansing

It’s important to clean and cleanse regularly. Unwanted energy can get built up and clog up your system just the same as regular old dirt.

Essential Oil Mix

1 drop mint

1 drop eucalyptus

1 drop lime

1 drop grapefruit

Bath Mix

3 tablespoons of salt

Handful of mint

Half cup of lunar water

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye can be a lot of things – a simple curse, negative Spirit contact, or even just someone’s negative thoughts about you. They might not have meant to put the Evil Eye on you, but it sometimes happens.

Essential Oil Mix

1 drop mint

1 drop rosemary

1 drop cedarwood

1 drop sandalwood

Bath Mix

Handful of rosemary

Handful of mint

One whole dried chilli (not ground or flakes – you don’t want that around your naked body)

One cup salt

How to Remove a Curse

This is a technique based off an old folklore tidbit. I’ve no idea if it was actually used, but the technique of drawing the curse from you into something else is a common one.

It’s easier to draw a curse from yourself into something else that’s living, or to an effigy of yourself. But if you don’t want to pass the curse on, or haven’t prepared effigies or witch bottles in advance, you can try this out.


Draw a small amount of water, and add two cups of fresh milk to it. The fresher, the better. This is what the curse should jump into. Milk curdling around curses is an age old superstition, and some people thought it was the curse being absorbed into the milk instead of what it was intended to go after.


Before you step into the water, scrub yourself all over with a salt scrub made from salt, rosemary, mint and mugwort. Omit the mugwort if you’re pregnant or having menstrual issues. A cup of salt, a handful each of rosemary and mint, and a teaspoon or so of mugwort.


Get into the bath, and rub off most of the scrub. Visualize the curse leaving you and going into the milk. Quickly get out, drain the bath, and take a shower or quick bath in fresh water.

You can do this without a bath – simply mix a jug of water and milk and pour it over your head to rinse the scrub, then follow the other steps.


Make sure the milk is fully out of your hair – you don’t want the curse lingering around. Or milk, for that matter.

What are your favourite bath spells?


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Inward Winter Ritual

winter ritual

Inward Winter Ritual

This winter ritual is designed to harness the inwards energy of the winter season. It is a time for hibernation, for thought, for reflection. We draw into the center of our houses, curl up under blankets, and we draw into the center of ourselves.

The winter months are as much about the darkness as they are about the light. To understand the light, you need to understand the dark. To be able to distinguish your deep thoughts from your surface thoughts, guidance from elsewhere from your own doubts, you need to know what silence sounds like.

This winter ritual will let you look deep into the heart of yourself.

You’ll need:

  • Christmas-y smelling candles
  • White candle
  • Dark bowl full of water or a black mirror
  • A dark room
  • Patience

Step one

Light the candles. Allow the aroma to fill the air.

Step Two

Make sure you’re comfortable. The intent is to sit here for as long as it takes. It may take several attempts over several days, or you might get somewhere first time.

Step Three

Light the white candle.

Step Four

Stare into the bowl or the black mirror and let yourself relax. Silently ask yourself all the questions you haven’t been answering. Where are you going? What are your goals? When are you happy? Who are you?

Don’t demand, simply ask. Stay as calm as possible. Keep asking until you see an answer.



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Waning Moon Bad Habit Remover Spell

waning moon bad habit remover spellWaning Moon Bad Habit Remover Spell

The time of the waning moon, when she is shrinking, is the perfect time to remove something from your life. This Waning Moon Bad Habit Remover spell is SUPER EASY.

For this spell, you’ll need:

  • A candle
  • A sharp object, like a inkless biro, a pin or a candle carvers
  • Matches or lighter

Step One

Write down the habit you wish to break on the candle. Phrase it like this:

‘I no longer x’

So, if I wanted to stop drinking pop (soda), I’d write:

‘I no longer drink soda.’

Step Two

Light the candle. The spell will start to take effect once the candle has finished burning, so choosing the smallest candle you can write on is beneficial. You can relight the candle every day on the waning moon, if your candle won’t spend in one night. Be sure to finish the spell before the Dark Moon!

Yep, it’s that simple. You can light incense or burn oils if you like, but you don’t have to. This is a great spell to try if you’ve never cast a spell before! However, it’s also powerful in its simplicity and still suitable for use when you progress onwards. Why overcomplicate things? 

What’s your favourite moon magic spell? Let me know in the comments!

More Moon Magic

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Moon Magic Course Review – Living by the Moon by Heart of the Forest

moon magicLiving By the Moon – Moon Magic Course Review

Moon magic is a great but sadly overlooked area of witchcraft. Like most astrology based magic, it’s got a reputation for being hard to use, or difficult to remember.

At least, that’s why I’ve never looked to deeply into it, beyond working with a Full Moon or Supermoon.

Heart of the Forest is a great online school run by Serena White. It’s got courses on all kinds of things, including chakras, meditation and essential oils. Some of her great lessons are free of charge, and the rest are super good value for money.

Serena recently let me take her Living by the Moon course for free, and I loved it. When I finished it I decided to look at the usual price, because I’m nosy like that. My jaw hit the floor when I saw it.

I would have happily paid $7 for the beautiful Moon Journal download alone! The also course has great information, exercises and meditations.

Serena really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to Moon Magic, and her lessons are short and to the point with no waffle.

Moon Magic can be a really tricksy thing to get hold of, but with this course, I found it really easy. Everything is broken down into easy to understand steps and concepts. It’s a self-paced course, and you can go as slowly or as quickly as you like. There’s no waffle, only solid information.

Serena also gives you tips and advice on how to really live by the Moon, including non-magical activities like gardening.

It’s a great course, and at $7, you really can’t go wrong!

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Hallowe’en Superstitions

hallowe'en superstitions

Hallowe’en Superstitions – Six of the Creepiest

Here are six super creepy Hallowe’en superstitions, because what’s Hallowe’en without scaring yourself silly at nothing? I love ghost stories and creepy phenomena, make sure you tell me your favourites in the comments!

Ghosts in the pocket

If you go out after dark on Hallowe’en, you must turn your pockets inside out to prevent ghosts hitching a ride in your pockets. This is the sort of Tamagotchi pet you don’t want.


If a bat circles a house three times, someone inside will die before the year is out.

Footsteps of Death

If you hear footsteps behind you on Hallowe’en, don’t turn around – it could be Death, or a departed soul.

Staring into the face of Death is a good way to join him…

Headless Shadow

If you cast a headless shadow, or no shadow at all, on Hallowe’en, you are sure to die Or you’re the Horseman of Death. Both are situations you want to avoid.

Blown Out Candle

If a candle is blown out as if by a breath, but there is no wind, it has been blown out by a Spirit.

Cats Playing With Spirits

Cats will play with things you can’t see. They’ll stare at them. Miaow at them. Bat at figures you can’t perceive. Hiss at them. Run away from them. Hide from them.

And the worst thing? They do this all year around.

Sleep tight!
What Hallowe’en superstitions scare you most? Share them in the comments!


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10 Things to Do on Samhain

samhainTen Things to do on Samhain

A collection of divinations, rituals and customs you might like to try out on Samhain this year.

Apple Divination

Take an apple, and peel it. Try and peel it in one go, so it is just one long piece of apple peel and throw it over your left shoulder. If you can’t, take the longest piece.

The letter it forms will be the initial of your next love.

Dumb Supper

A Dumb Supper is a meal shared with your Dead Ancestors or relatives. Cook a meal, leaving a portion and a chair for each of the Dead that you wish to join you. However, you must cook and eat the meal in total silence, or they’ll vanish. Make sure not to season the food with salt either – it may keep them away!

Tarot Readings

Samhain is the end of the year, so it is perfect for Tarot readings or other divination. The results are usually the most accurate on this day about all others. Provided, of course, you use the ancient calendar – each day actually starts on sundown, not sunup. So, Samhain starts at sundown on the 31st. So you have a pretty decent excuse to break out the pumpkin spice candles.

Costume Parade

The original purpose of costumes on Samhain is to fool the wandering Dead that you’re one of them. So, if you’re planning to be out and about, dressing up as a Sexy Cupcake
is probably not your best option.

Although if any dish had a soul, it would probably be cupcakes.

Burn it Down

Building bonfires on Samhain, Hallowe’en and other similar days is something that crosses many cultures.

The two most common uses are to either dispel bad luck, or bring in good luck. I usually make my Black Salt from the ashes of either a Samhain or a May Day fire.

Leave a Light On

Again, there are two reasons to leave a candle, light, or Jack O’ Lantern in your window.

The Jack O’ Lantern is built to ward away evil spirits, again by fooling them into thinking you’re one of them – specifically the titular Jack, cursed to wander the earth with nothing but a turnip for a lantern.

The other reason is to actually signal spirits to you – usually your Dead relatives, to either welcome them into the house or give them a light to move into the proverbial Light.

You … probably can’t do both at once, so I’d choose how haunted you want your house to get – you don’t want some randos crashing the party. As we all know, the Spirits are strongest this time of year.

Mirror, Mirror

Another romance divination you can do, this is best done in a group, in the dark, and scare each other senseless.

If you’re unmarried, you can look into a mirror after midnight, and over your shoulder will be the face of the one you will marry. But beware – if they will die soon, you’ll be face to face with a skeleton instead.

If you choose to do this in a group, only one person should be reflected in the mirror at a time.

Spider Wisdom

Spiders can be great allies if you treat them right. When bad witches are near, they are said to fall into candles and burn to death. If one is scuttling around on Samhain, a Dead relative is watching over you.

And, at Samhain or any point in the year, if you catch a spider in your house and refrain from killing Her, you can ask her a question.

Take her outside, and before you set her free, remind her you had every right to destroy her since she was trespassing. Ask her to answer your question as payment, then ask the question. Look for your answer in the next three days.

(Don’t kill spiders though. That’s rude and unneeded.)

Hazelnut Divination

Another love divination! This one is useful if you are having trouble deciding between lovers. For each suitor you have, set a hazelnut beside a fire. Chant ‘ f you love me, pop and fly. If you hate me, burn and die!’

Trick or Treating

If you are going to be giving out sweets/candy for the Trick or Treaters this year, can I ask you to do one thing?

Keep a few sweets or chocolate behind suitable for kids with allergies or intolerances, not only to nuts but to things like gluten or lactose.

It doesn’t have to cost you any more – it’s getting much easier to find these things now, and a lot of popular, cheap sweets are fine as well.

Your whole stash doesn’t have to be Free From, but if you can keep a few back for anyone that asks.

I’ve heard of some kids who never got to go Trick or Treating because there were very few sweets they could eat without ending up in the hospital, and that broke my heart.

There’s no way you’ll be able to cater for every allergy, but if you could keep one or two things without lactose, gluten freelactose freeand without nuts, as those seem to be the more common ones.

(I also knew an old lady who would give out little bags of about 50p’s worth of 2ps, and some people give out inexpensive small toys or stickers too. Or fruit, but I don’t see an eight year old being too grateful for that one.)
It’s a small kindness that will make someone’s day!

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Offerings for Ancestors That You Don’t Know


Suitable Offerings for Ancestors You Don’t Know

It’s not easy to get in touch with your Ancestors, especially if you’re not fond of the ones closest to you.

Can you skip your nearest Ancestors and ask for help from ones further back? Of course you can. But the question that has been stumping me is how. How do you not only contact someone you don’t know and then convince them that you’d like a hand? And with no prior knowledge of said person/people?

Starting Your Ancestor Worship Path

The way to start this path is to create a space where Ancestors who are interested in forming a relationship with you to come forward and introduce themselves. Creating a shrine or sacred space can be as simple as setting aside a shelf or portion of a table and filling it with items, images and offerings that might attract add Ancestor. As you get to know them, you can swap them out for things you know your Ancestor likes.

The idea that the first gifts must be absolutely perfect or the Ancestor (or Guide/Spirit/Deity) will refuse to work for you is what keeps most people (including me) stuck. This prevents us from forming relationships to Unknown Spirits.

No Spirit (no Spirit that you would want to work with, anyway) is going to go off in a huff if you don’t figure out their favourite food from one interaction. The best way to start is with items that they might like, and with Ancestor workings that’s easier than you think.

Suggestions of Ancestor Offerings

  • Images of family mottos or coats of arms
  • Figurines of family work – are you looking to contact a particular sort of person? You might add items like needles, or knives, or bullets to attract a person who had a particular occupation
  • Money. You’d have to go very far back to contact a Spirit who didn’t understand the concept of cash. Money/coins is a good starting offering for many types of Spirit for this reason, but there is another. Many traditions have burial practices involving the burial of a person with coins for one reason or another. Coins and Ancestor work go hand in hand for many reasons!
  • Food or drink. If you have a national or regional dish, a family recipe, or other significant food that is a good place to start.  Even if they don’t like the food, you tried, you researched and you cooked a thing/bought a thing. That means something.
  • National and regional foliage, flowers or herbs
  • Pictures of human figures or skeletons. Giving them a ‘body’ to inhabit is a great thing to make communication easier. It doesn’t have to look precisely like them to be worth getting.
  • Shells, beads, and jewelry items. You’d have to go even further back, possibly to before sentience, to get a spirit that didn’t understand or value such a gift. Shells in particular are great gifts for contacting Super Old, like pre-Bronze Age, Ancestors.
  • Pipes. Tobacco. Coffee. Alcohol. Things that were valued historically will often go down well. Even better if they are still valued now. There is no reason to go pouring a full bottle of Absolut for someone you don’t know, but a small tinny of beer or glass of wine usually grabs Their attention.

What items do you recommend giving to an Unknown Ancestor? Let me know in the comments!

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Hide Me Glamour

Hide Me Glamour

Hide Me Glamour

Hide Me Glamour is a powerful invisibility spell. Do note that in magical terms, ‘invisibility’ doesn’t mean some sort of Harry Potter-esque Chameleon Charm. When we talk about invisibility, we mean ‘unnoticeability’. Attention will slide off you when you (correctly) perform an invisibility spell.

Here’s my favourite, the Hide Me Glamour.

You will need:

Some kind of pouch

Mustard seeds

Some kind of make-up item – mascara or lipgloss or a small bottle of perfume is good for this.

Step One

Put your make-up item and nine mustard seeds in the pouch. Carry it with you on a journey where the less people see you, the better.  (Be safe) A walk around the block at dinnertime when most people are indoors is good enough. Do this for nine days/nights.

Step Two

The make-up should be taking on the powers of invisibility. The first time you put it on after the pouch, charge it with your intentions as you apply it. Think about being unnoticeable.

Step Three

Carry it with you and apply as needed. Visualize cloaking yourself and disappearing.

Obviously, the glamour ceases to work if you are loud or deliberately draw attention to yourself. Sometimes. Be warned.

(Other obligatory warning: Can’t take responsibility for results, good, bad or ugly. Please be safe.)

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Writer’s Inspiration Charm

writer's inspiration charm

Writer’s Inspiration Charm

Struggling with #NaNoWriMo? Or any other long haul writing project? Try this goofy little trick on for size.

You will need:

– an empty tic tac box or small closable container

– glitter, in as many colours as possible (or foil, torn up. Shiny stuff.)


– bay leaves (ground)

– ground frankincense

gold leaf

– oak leaves, whether real or paper


1. Clean the tic tac box.

2. Add glitter, and any optional items

3. Close up the box and shake whenever you need inspiration.

What inspiration charms and spells are your favourite? I love using clear quartz, kyanite, amethyst and Tiger’s Eye whilst I write. I also love drinking lemon water, or a cup of black Lady Grey. Let me know all of your odd writing habits in the comments below!

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Theatre Charm for Performers, Crew and Front of House

Theatre Charm SpellTheatre Charm for Performers, Crew and FoH

A theatre charm is a very powerful thing. Think of all the energy that goes on in a theatre every night. All the staff are creating an entire world from scratch every night, expending massive amounts of creative and illusory energy. This energy is then absorbed into the structure itself.

Ever wonder why so many theatres are haunted? The ghosts are attracted to the energy that they can feed off. You can feed off it too, if you follow the steps below!


You will need:

– the thinnest fishing line, preferably the stuff they’re actually using in the show


– bee charm

– ant charm

– gold, silver, purple and yellow beads

-spiral/labyrinth charm

-transparent or pale purple or yellow flowers


Make as much of this as you can in a theatre. Not an abandoned one.

1. Say: ‘Knot of one, spell’s begun.’ Make as many knots and loops as you can with the fishing line. When you’re done, it should be short enough to safety pin to the inside of a costume.

2. Say: ‘Knot of two, it will come true’ Add optional items. Try and stay away from any negative energies, before you close the spell with:

3. ‘Knot of three, so shall it be.’

(As always, please note that I can take no responsibility for any of these spells due to legal reasons, please use caution and common sense when doing, well, anything.)

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