10 Most Useful Magical Ingredients

10 Most Useful Magical Ingredients

Most Useful Magical Ingredients

It can be intimidating trying to build a collection of magical items. It all sounds so expensive! But the truth is, you need very little to do most types of spells. Here is a list of the most useful magical ingredients, and why they are so special!

White Candle

White light contains all the colours in the world, so white anything is a great stand in when you don’t have particular colour to hand. If I didn’t enjoy making my own candles, I’d probably never bother buying anything but black and white.

 Black Candle

Black isn’t a ‘colour’ strictly speaking, so I like to have black and white candles. Dark candles are used to break down any barriers, and make a good addition to any spell to break down any blocks preventing the spell from coming to fruition.

Amethyst Crystal

One of the most versatile stones. Amethyst is good for sleep issues, protection, increasing psychic power, basic healing, dream magic, intuition, meditation, inner working and reconciliation with the self.

Quartz Crystal

The cheapest of the self-cleansing stones. Quartz will make make any crystal grid self cleansing and self powered, never needs cleansing, and will happily sit and work away at whatever function you’ve set it to. Which can range from anything to protection, to drawing good things, to cleansing, to gaining power.

Copper Item

Copper has many associations – from protection, to money, to raising energy. You can build a meditation pyramid out of it, use the wire to build tools or jewelry, or you can add it into crystal grids.


Sugar is super important in a lot of witchcraft traditions. It can be used to draw just about anything to you, and due to it’s relationship with money and wealth, is a great cheap addition to money spells.


Whilst salt won’t keep every nasty at bay, it forms the basis of many hexes, curses and protection spells. It is also useful as a protective element by itself, so long as you have enough personal power or powerful ingredients, like crystals or herbs, for it to draw power from. You can also implement sigils so the salt with ‘eat’ the energies or entities it repels, and draw it’s power from them instead.

Pen and Paper

Sigils, symbols and seals all need just a pen and paper to be used. There is an entire world of magic that be utilized with just a pen and paper.


You can use a pin to stab poppets, to carve symbols into candles, and place them into witch bottles to use as protection.


Cinnamon can used in great quantities in many protection spells or hexes. In small amounts, it’s great in love, sex, motivation and money spells.

What are your suggestions for the most useful magical ingredients?


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Waning Moon Bad Habit Remover Spell

waning moon bad habit remover spellWaning Moon Bad Habit Remover Spell

The time of the waning moon, when she is shrinking, is the perfect time to remove something from your life. This Waning Moon Bad Habit Remover spell is SUPER EASY.

For this spell, you’ll need:

  • A candle
  • A sharp object, like a inkless biro, a pin or a candle carvers
  • Matches or lighter

Step One

Write down the habit you wish to break on the candle. Phrase it like this:

‘I no longer x’

So, if I wanted to stop drinking pop (soda), I’d write:

‘I no longer drink soda.’

Step Two

Light the candle. The spell will start to take effect once the candle has finished burning, so choosing the smallest candle you can write on is beneficial. You can relight the candle every day on the waning moon, if your candle won’t spend in one night. Be sure to finish the spell before the Dark Moon!

Yep, it’s that simple. You can light incense or burn oils if you like, but you don’t have to. This is a great spell to try if you’ve never cast a spell before! However, it’s also powerful in its simplicity and still suitable for use when you progress onwards. Why overcomplicate things? 

What’s your favourite moon magic spell? Let me know in the comments!

More Moon Magic

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Moon Magic Course Review – Living by the Moon by Heart of the Forest

moon magicLiving By the Moon – Moon Magic Course Review

Moon magic is a great but sadly overlooked area of witchcraft. Like most astrology based magic, it’s got a reputation for being hard to use, or difficult to remember.

At least, that’s why I’ve never looked to deeply into it, beyond working with a Full Moon or Supermoon.

Heart of the Forest is a great online school run by Serena White. It’s got courses on all kinds of things, including chakras, meditation and essential oils. Some of her great lessons are free of charge, and the rest are super good value for money.

Serena recently let me take her Living by the Moon course for free, and I loved it. When I finished it I decided to look at the usual price, because I’m nosy like that. My jaw hit the floor when I saw it.

I would have happily paid $7 for the beautiful Moon Journal download alone! The also course has great information, exercises and meditations.

Serena really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to Moon Magic, and her lessons are short and to the point with no waffle.

Moon Magic can be a really tricksy thing to get hold of, but with this course, I found it really easy. Everything is broken down into easy to understand steps and concepts. It’s a self-paced course, and you can go as slowly or as quickly as you like. There’s no waffle, only solid information.

Serena also gives you tips and advice on how to really live by the Moon, including non-magical activities like gardening.

It’s a great course, and at $7, you really can’t go wrong!

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5 Most Unusual Spell Ingredients

unusual spell ingredients5 Most Unusual Spell Ingredients

In this post, I’ll be sharing the most unusual spell ingredients I’ve used.. But what are yours? Let me know in the comments below!

Civil War Musket Shot


Used in: a spell to keep Those Damn Kids Offa My Lawn!!! Or in fact, my garden wall and wheelie bins. And also to stop them fighting, swearing and screaming outside my property or in fact actually on it. #grumpyhermitproblems


Other spell ingredients: House Blessing candle, jasper arrow, black salt


This one was really on the fly – they just turned up the other day, so I threw down my laptop and shoved some stuff in a bowl and lit a candle. Remember, with curses/hexes/banishings/bindings, the anger and refusal to kowtow to whatever is bothering is worth more than any ingredient.


Copper Wire


Used in: Any spell that needs a boost. Copper is one of the best electrical conductors, so any spell to do with technology, communication or money is boosted massively by the inclusion of this easy to find material. Get it at DIY or jewelry stores, or here.


Souvenir Cowrie Shells


You know, those things with the stamps on? Just as good as any other cowrie shell.


Used in: money spells


Horse Brass


Used to be on horses, now on pub walls.


Used in: depends on the picture. Wheat, treasure boxes = money, horse = energy, work, Cockerels = love. You get the idea


Glass Pearls


Because real pearls are waaay expensive. Glass pearls are more expensive that plastic pearls, but that’s a good thing – the more expensive an item, the better it works in a money spell.
Used in: money spells


But what are the unusual items that you’ve used in spells? I’d love to know!

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Hide Me Glamour

Hide Me Glamour

Hide Me Glamour

Hide Me Glamour is a powerful invisibility spell. Do note that in magical terms, ‘invisibility’ doesn’t mean some sort of Harry Potter-esque Chameleon Charm. When we talk about invisibility, we mean ‘unnoticeability’. Attention will slide off you when you (correctly) perform an invisibility spell.

Here’s my favourite, the Hide Me Glamour.

You will need:

Some kind of pouch

Mustard seeds

Some kind of make-up item – mascara or lipgloss or a small bottle of perfume is good for this.

Step One

Put your make-up item and nine mustard seeds in the pouch. Carry it with you on a journey where the less people see you, the better.  (Be safe) A walk around the block at dinnertime when most people are indoors is good enough. Do this for nine days/nights.

Step Two

The make-up should be taking on the powers of invisibility. The first time you put it on after the pouch, charge it with your intentions as you apply it. Think about being unnoticeable.

Step Three

Carry it with you and apply as needed. Visualize cloaking yourself and disappearing.

Obviously, the glamour ceases to work if you are loud or deliberately draw attention to yourself. Sometimes. Be warned.

(Other obligatory warning: Can’t take responsibility for results, good, bad or ugly. Please be safe.)

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Workplace Harmony Spell

Workplace Harmony Spell

Workplace Harmony Spell

This is a general workplace harmony spell. If there are a few particular people causing a problem, rather than general disharmony, a sugar jar will be more appropriate.

You can use this workplace harmony spell before things get sour as a precaution or cleansing, or you can do it when things have got all out of tune. This is a spell that may need refreshing every couple of months if the root cause of the issue has not been addressed. and remedied. Of course, sometimes you can’t meddle at work, so refreshing this spell every now and then will make things easier to bear, even if you can’t fix the situation.

You’ll need:

– candles in white, blue and black

– essential oil of Peony or lavender

sugar, or Sticky Sweet Success blend which is sugar, rose petals,  hibiscus flowers and ground juniper berries

Step One

Dress the candles with the oils.

Step Two

Set the candles up as above. The tealight furthest to the front is the blue one. The black one doesn’t have to be a taper, it was just what I had at the time.

Step Three

You sprinkle the sugar/Sticky Sweet Success in a circle around the candles.

Step Four

Light them. Imagine everyone being sickly sweet to each other, polite, civil, peaceful.

Candle Correspondences

Blue, communication

White, cleansing, starting afresh

I always use a black and a white candle when doing ritual like spells like this – white to give extra power to the spell and black to burn away any blocks or obstacles away. It’s a technique that lends itself to just about any candle spell.

(Usual notice: Can’t take responsibility for you, please be safe with fire and flammable objects. Links in post may be affiliate links.)

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Writer’s Inspiration Charm

writer's inspiration charm

Writer’s Inspiration Charm

Struggling with #NaNoWriMo? Or any other long haul writing project? Try this goofy little trick on for size.

You will need:

– an empty tic tac box or small closable container

– glitter, in as many colours as possible (or foil, torn up. Shiny stuff.)


– bay leaves (ground)

– ground frankincense

gold leaf

– oak leaves, whether real or paper


1. Clean the tic tac box.

2. Add glitter, and any optional items

3. Close up the box and shake whenever you need inspiration.

What inspiration charms and spells are your favourite? I love using clear quartz, kyanite, amethyst and Tiger’s Eye whilst I write. I also love drinking lemon water, or a cup of black Lady Grey. Let me know all of your odd writing habits in the comments below!

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Theatre Charm for Performers, Crew and Front of House

Theatre Charm SpellTheatre Charm for Performers, Crew and FoH

A theatre charm is a very powerful thing. Think of all the energy that goes on in a theatre every night. All the staff are creating an entire world from scratch every night, expending massive amounts of creative and illusory energy. This energy is then absorbed into the structure itself.

Ever wonder why so many theatres are haunted? The ghosts are attracted to the energy that they can feed off. You can feed off it too, if you follow the steps below!


You will need:

– the thinnest fishing line, preferably the stuff they’re actually using in the show


– bee charm

– ant charm

– gold, silver, purple and yellow beads

-spiral/labyrinth charm

-transparent or pale purple or yellow flowers


Make as much of this as you can in a theatre. Not an abandoned one.

1. Say: ‘Knot of one, spell’s begun.’ Make as many knots and loops as you can with the fishing line. When you’re done, it should be short enough to safety pin to the inside of a costume.

2. Say: ‘Knot of two, it will come true’ Add optional items. Try and stay away from any negative energies, before you close the spell with:

3. ‘Knot of three, so shall it be.’

(As always, please note that I can take no responsibility for any of these spells due to legal reasons, please use caution and common sense when doing, well, anything.)

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Money Spell

money spell

Money Spell

An easy money spell, for when things are pretty desperate in the money situation.

You will need:

– paper

– pen

If you have access to particular colours, you will need gold and silver pens and the paper should be the colour of your country’s money. I am in the UK, so I would use either a silver page or a violet page, as that’s the colour of a £20 note.

1. Write something on the paper. Here are some suggestions*:

Proverbs 10:22 – The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

Psalms 112:3 – Wealth and riches [shall be] in his house: and his righteousness endureth for ever.

Philippians 4:19 – But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

(Use of Bible verse is very common in older English magic. If you’re not into mixing Christianity and witchcraft, try something like the ones below)

2 Chainz – ‘I been getting money, where the fuck you been?’

Hail Mary Mallon – ‘Money on my motherfucking mind/ Cop five haircuts at the same time White gold pants, Jet Ski made of Yuan /Foie gras bust of Albert Einstein /Get money

2. Fold the paper nine times

3. Place it under your pillow and sleep on it for nine days.


(All spells here are written as curios only, I’m not responsible for results although you do get bonus points if you play the Temmie version of the Hail Mary Mallon song whilst performing this spell. Video proof required.)

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New Job Spell

 new job spell

New Job Spell

This is a super easy new job spell, requiring only a pen, some paper and a pair of scissors. This is a great spell for beginners to witchcraft, but it’s also really good to do in a pinch if you’re away from your usual tools.

You’ll need:

-a piece of paper

– a pen

– scissors

– to have got through to interview stage of the job application process for a job you really want

– some kind of adhesive


Draw the place of work. If it were a deli, for example, I’d draw a quick sketch of a deli counter.

Draw a small figure, and cut it out. Make it look like you, and write your name on it. Make sure it has a huuuge smile.

Adhere the figure to the counter.

Go to your interview and ace it. You can do it!

If you ever want to leave your job and find you can’t, make sure you have disposed of this.

Want to know how to change this spell to get a promotion instead of a new job? I wrote that spell over at Love and Biscotti.

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