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But who am I?

My name's Siobhan, and I first took up the mantle of 'witch' nearly a decade ago. Although, there's a family legend that I was possessed/haunted as a baby by my then-recently deceased grandma. So maybe I've had powers for a lot longer!

I help empower today's generation of witches, occultists, Tarot readers, healers, shamans and whatever else you call yourself in the dead of night - or the light of day!


For 'What is Witchcraft?' - 'This is the absolute best, most succinct, and enjoyable definition I have ever seen! Loved it!!' - Christina

For 'Week in Review Tarot Spread' - 'This is great! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely be trying this spread. Thank you!' - Laura

I want to empower my craft

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