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My name’s Siobhan, and I used to be a frightened, fearful girl who almost failed college, and only avoided being fired from my first job (paid £3.50 an hour) by starting my own business. Which promptly collapsed when I got ill.

Now, I’ve done things I never though I’d do. I’ve doubled my salary at a different job, I run a successful business this time around, and I’ve crushed so many personal barriers that I feel like a new woman.

Through this blog, my eBooks and courses, and my Facebook groups, I’m going to share the methods that got me here. And the methods that keep me going further. I’m not some salesman who’s going to log off at the end of the day and go back to a life of ego raising cars and too large TVs. I walk my talk, and I measure my walk with a spiritual treadmill to make sure it’s the best it can be! 😉

I can’t say that I’ll make the road to your dreams easy, because I’d be lying. Anyone that tells you life is easy is lying.


But I will say that I’ll make that road possible.


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