5 Essential Oils to Target Anxiety and Stress

5 Essential Oils5 Essential Oils to Target Anxiety & Stress


Juggling a 9 to 5 work schedule and a healthy social and home life can be quite a task, and it can all get pretty stressful at times. While you can always sip on a cup of chamomile tea or take a warm bath to calm down your frazzled nerves, why not take it up a notch with some essential oil power?

Keep reading to discover the top 5 essential oils that work wonderfully when it comes to targeting stress and anxiety and find out quick ways to use them too!


Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is one of the best essential oils for sinus congestion, but not many people know it also works wonders when it comes to tackling anxiety and stress. This oil also tends to improve the flow of blood to the brain, which improves overall brain health.


Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the best choices when it comes to any mental health concern thanks to its amazing calming and soothing properties. It has been found to exhibit nervous system restorative action, which in turn, brings about peace, better sleep and calms down nervous tension.


Vetiver Oil

Vetiver oil has been used in trauma patients since it has a sort of reassuring and grounding energy. When used in the right amount, it acts as a nervous system tonic, which can decrease jitteriness and hypersensitivity.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile extracts have been found to work exceptionally well when it comes to reducing irritability, worry and stress, and helps benefit inner harmony! In fact, some studies have found that this essential oil has the potential to act as a moderately powerful natural antidepressant too!


Rose Oil

Rose essential oil, when used alone or in an essential oil blend, has the ability to reduce anxiety and stress quite well. In fact, in some cases, it has also been used as a natural remedy for severe panic attacks and shocks.


Using Essential Oils the Right Way!

Though essential oils do work wonders in reducing stress and improving mental health, it is also important to use them the right way to reap their maximum benefits. Here are some quick and actionable tips to use them.

  • Use a couple of drops of any of these essential oils to your bath water to get natural relief from stress.
  • Rubbing a few drops of the essential oil to your pillow can also help.
  • If you have an essential oil diffuser, you can use it as well.


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Enozia Vakil
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