5 Easy Tips for Beginner Witches

five tips for beginner witches

Five Easy Tips for Beginner Witches

New to witchcraft? Don’t worry! These tips will take you past step by step spellwork and into magic self-sufficiency. Save money, time and effort with these easy tricks!

Plan Ahead


Planning ahead can incorporate a few different methods or ideas.


If there is are rare or unusual astrological or astronomical phenomena happening soon, it’s a good idea to make use of it, even if you don’t require it for a spell right now. For example, even if you don’t need lunar influences in your magic around the time of a supermoon, it would be a great idea to make a small amount of lunar water and store it for when you do.


Similarly, it’s a good idea to know what you can make ahead. May Day and summer solstice are great times for love magic, but what if you’re happy where you are then? Instead of performing a spell, you can charge a love potion or oil that has a long shelf life to use later.


You can charge stones or jewelry in the times when a certain planet is strong, ready for use during a retrograde, or just a time where you might need the extra power. You can’t always move in time with the universe to get the best out of your spells, so it’s a good idea to charge or make things ahead of time.


Know what you have


This is not only knowing what you have in your store cupboard, but also your kitchen cupboard, your garden, what’s growing wild in your area, what your friends and family have that you could borrow, or what you can pick up easily in a local store.


For every spell that needs an exotic ingredient, there is another that will use things from your local area, or things that are easier to get than you might think. As well as noting down your inventory, it’s a good idea to note down some possible correspondence lists. Even though correspondence lists aren’t the be all and end all of magic, they are useful to have if you need to make substitutions, or if you have a glut of ingredients that you don’t quite know what to do with.


You can get decent correspondence lists in the backs of some good witchcraft books. They will save you some serious money by encouraging you to use what you have that is readily available to you. Once you’ve got an idea of which herbs, spices or crystals can be used for what, you can build up your own lists.


Optimize ingredients


Optimizing your ingredients will not only save you time and money, but will also make your spells better. Here are a few tips:


  • If you’re making oils, don’t use the whole dried plant. It make look cooler to have a jar full of whole dried chilli peppers, but if you cut them up you fit more in, and your oil is more potent.


  • Dry out herbs you’ve used in drinks. On their own they’ll be weaker than an unused herb, but it’s a cheaper way to keep your stocks refreshed if you’re in need of cash. Some coffee shops will give you whole cinnamon sticks if you buy hot spiced apple drinks and such. They’re worth keeping!


  • Keep your crystals, waters and other implements charged ahead of time. If you get into the habit of putting things out into the Full Moon (or whenever is appropriate for that item) it keeps your things at tip-top condition, so you can just pick up and go whenever you like.


  • Unless you are planning to burn, drink or make a specific craft work with a herb, the essential oil of a plant is more than likely all you need. Unless you know you are going to need them, you don’t need to buy fresh, dried and oil of everything in your store cupboard. Obviously, follow any safety instructions as essential oils can be dangerous.


  • Learn to re-use or recycle items. Making recycled candles is easier than you think, and so is sewing your own Tarot bags, tea bags and other items.


Study ahead

You don’t have to wait until you need to know something to use your Tarot cards (or other divination equipment). If you want to practice, you can join Facebook groups which will let you practice on members, or you can just ask for volunteers on your social media. Believe me, you’ll get loads!

As well as divination, you can also do the same with spellcraft. Practice making incense, directing and raising energy, and using crystals. If you really need something ‘productive’ to do and just can’t think of anything you need, there is no such thing as too much cleansing. You can also ask for volunteers to practise healing and spellwork on! Just make sure you know the theory behind what you’re doing, and you aren’t recommending people to do something unsafe.

Watch out for misinformation


We’ve come a long way in our understand and application history. Not just our own, but that of other cultures. Some authors have written from the perspective of what we thought to be correct decades ago, but that might not be the case today. Some authors wrote their own personal opinions as fact, and some stole outright from other cultures. Some authors have nasty ulterior motives hidden in the information they disseminate.


Do a little research around the books you are learning from. Some should not be listened to at all, some can be taken with a pinch of salt, and some are mostly great. Listen to what other practitioners have to say about books, websites and authors, and why they recommend them.

I have a list of my favourite books here, and regularly do interviews with great authors – but don’t take JUST my word for it. Read around!


Always look up safety information before you do anything, especially if you are already ill or pregnant. Double check information, and don’t be afraid to try something out or experiment if you aren’t sure.

What are your tips for beginner witches?

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