Welcome to siobhanjohnson.com!

A world of magic and mysteries awaits you. My name is Siobhan, and it’s my job to pull back the veil and show you the secrets hidden within the Universe.

What you do with those secrets is up to you – students of mine are nurses, entrepreneurs, stay at home parents, college students and CEOs. The thing that holds them altogether is an interest in using methods as diverse as Tarot, crystals and witchcraft to improve their lives on every facet.

I have a lot to offer, so which will it be?

Who are you, Siobhan?

Check out my About Page! 

Do you have free stuff I can read or use?

Yes! I have a bunch of free downloads you can access here. I also have two free courses that you can take here. You can also join my free Facebook groups here and here.

My blog is here, and I post good stuff on a weekly basis.

Siobhan, I already want to give you money. What do you have?

Hooray! I currently have one course open for enrollment – Magical Methods. Basically, you’ll learn just about every method of Western magic for a one-off payment of less than £50. You can read all about it here.